China-US Leadership Development Foundation has been registered in America in July, 2016. The foundation is a non-government and non-profit organization, which is supported or funded by other institution, group, or social organization.

Under the leadership of Dr. Sunny Lee, who is the founding partner, and the strong executive power, profound cultural foundation and social relations of the team, in addition to the profound Chinese entrepreneur resources, good media relations and all kinds of influential strategic partnership, the foundation is promoting the Chinese and American business developing in a healthy, mutual benefited and win-win trend, strengthening the deep cooperation and exchange in the areas like investment, visit between business leaders / youth leaders / the rich and pioneering second generation, the educational visit of adolescents, the movement of Chinese brands into the United States and the peer advisory groups etc.

China-US Leadership Development Foundation is interested in providing resources and platform support for individuals, organizations and institutions that contribute to Sino-US relations and Sino-US cooperation, as well as related professional services.

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Latest News

The 2nd International Youth Leadership Awards, jointly selected by the Young Global Leadership Foundation (YGLF) and China-US Leadership Development Foundation (CULDF), were officially announced on February 3, 2021. The award, announced in the beginning of spring in 2021, is a sign of hope and revival. read more..

In March 8th, 2020, the International Women’s Day, Young Global Leadership Foundation (YGLF) and China-US Leadership Development Foundation (CULDF) have jointly launched the young adult award. read more..

【LI Hong has won “2019 Global Outstanding Women Leadership Award”】
Dr. LI Hong, the founder of China-US Leadership Development Foundation, has won “2019 Global Outstanding Women Leadership Award” from the 2019 Global CSR Summit Award in NY time on October 15th, 2019. read more..

【Second Forum of the “China- U.S. Youth Leadership Summit”】
Santa Clara, Calif. – After launching the first forum of the “China- U.S. Youth Leadership Summit” in Sep 19th, 2018, the China - U.S. Leadership Development Foundation (CULDF) is collaborating with China-US Business Summit (CUBS) to conduct a second forum: “China- U.S. Youth Leadership Summit” in CUBS’s 10th year anniversary May 2, 2019. read more..

【2018 China-US Youth Leadership Summit Featured on NASDAQ Screen during the Chinese National Day Break】
Over the Chinese National Day break, October 2-3, 2018, China-US Leadership Development Foundation (“CULDF”) [2018 China-US Youth Leadership Summit] was featured and rolling broadcasted on the giant Nasdaq screen at Times Square in New York City. So far, this has been the fourth time the China-US Leadership Development Foundation is featured on the Nasdaq screen. read more..

【The Only Private opening of the Nobel Peace Prize Presentation Hall】
Dr. Li Hong, the founder of CULDF, was awarded as the “Top 30 Influential Asian Female CEO” at the Nobel peace prize presentation hall on May 15, 2018. read more..

【2018 New Launch】CULDF Arranged Business Cooperation Between China and the United States
Dr. Sunny Lee, the founding partner and executive director of CULDF, went to US to plan the business about youth leaders' visit between China and US during 2018.1.30-2018.2.13. read more..

【Insight PAB】2018 New Year Return Banquet
CULDF-sponsored 2018 new year return banquet held on 8 January, in Sanlitun SOHO Beijing. read more..

【Insight PAB Youth Delegation in US】
On 10 November 2017, CULDF led a group of young Chinese entrepreneurs on a weeklong visit to the US, where they engaged with business leaders, financial experts and Wall Street gurus in New York and Silicon Valley. read more..

【Strategic Alliance between CULDF and LM Global】
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