Insight Peer Advisory Board


Initiated by CULDF, the CULDF Peer Advisory Board is renowned for its exclusivity and the caliber of its guests, as well as its focus on interaction and value output. The group meetings are hosted by CULDF’s special guest, Mr. Qiang WU, former CEO & current Coach of world-leading Peer Advisory Board Vistage China, whose experience in the field has given these meetings added depth, insight and gravitas.

Between 2014 and 2017, Dr. Hong LI organized more than 20 Peer Advisory Board sessions, engaging dozens of key industry leaders including but not limited to: Jiang LIU (chairman of Trends Group), Hang ZHOU (founder of YidaoYongche), Xiao XU (founder of Zbird)etc., other notable attendees include: Weihong CHEN and YanXiao (CCTV hosts), Jun JIN (known as China’s Fashion Icon) and Cheng AI (founder of iAsk Media) — all renowned and respected in China’s media industry; founder of China Heritage Club, Ting CHEN and Bin DONG, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Sino-European Entrepreneurs Summit, Wei YUAN founding partner of Sinovation Ventures and founder of New York Center for China Overseas Investment,etc. CULDF sponsored Peer Advisory Board stand out in quality in all aspects from guest list, topic selection down to catering. The CULDF Peer Advisory Board, supported by Dr. Hong LI’s leadership and partnership with Vistage, has been honored as the “Best Peer Advisory Board in Zhisland” by Zhisland members.

CULDF is involved in several fields, including China-US investment cooperation, leadership visits (business leaders, youth leaders and 2nd generation entrepreneurs), youth exchanges, exporting Chinese brands, Peer Advisory Board, reading forums, and new media exchanges. Peer Advisory Board is a key part of CULDF’s project model, continuing its focus on high quality and high value services.

CULDF has established longstanding partnership with Mr. Qiang WU who will continue to be the host of CULDF Peer Advisory Board. Tentative agreements have also been reached with Mr. Gang LAN, founder of the Bund Peer Advisory Board and this field, as well as other number of experienced coaches from Vistage and SiDong Field.

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