The 3rd International Youth Leadership Awards, jointly selected by the Young Global Leadership Foundation (YGLF) and China-US Leadership Development Foundation (CULDF), was officially announced on January 31, 2022. The award, announced in the 2022 Chinese Spring Festival, it is a sign of hope and revival.
The International Youth Leadership Awards aim to discover excellent youth leaders worldwide and the undertakings they are working on, as well as innovative projects and public welfare projects that have contributed to and exercised positive impacts on the society. YGLF is a non-governmental organization which has been granted the Special Consultative Status by ECOSOC. Its mission is to guide aspiring young people from around the world to become global citizens and responsible leaders. CULDF has long been committed to promoting Sino-US relations. It also takes a special interest in discovering and cultivating 2nd-generation and 3rd-generation leaders in China and the United States and developing global leadership. It has become a new powerhouse for Sino-US cooperation.

Mr. FAN Deng won the “2021 International Young Leadership Award in Culture & Communications”

fandeng award

Why Mr. FAN Deng?


A “2021 National Reading Promotion Ambassador” to stimulate Chinese people’s reading interest and change their reading habits, but change the views of Chinese people to see the world —– because through Mr. FAN Deng’s “book-telling” model, more and more international classic books are learned by Chinese people, including but not limited to: history, philosophy, education, management, humanities, art, and books on various disciplines from all over the world… Through FANDENG READING, people can efficiently and effectively absorb knowledge from all over the world.

An advocate, promoter, soul figure and leader of “building a scholarly China”——he is Mr. Fan Deng, the founder of FANDENG READING;

By adopting the mode of “FANDENG READING “, it promotes the reading of the whole people, and creates a new mode of “online book telling” by itself, so as to promote the diversification and prosperity of cultural consumption;

The reading mind mapping model explored by Fan Deng provides the basis of deep learning and value exploration for effective and efficient reading.

His influence was not only in books, but also in education, innovation and entrepreneurship.
He inspired a group of young people to build a platform of “FANDENG READING “, and affecting millions of families and parents and children.

He is a man of culture worthy of respect! He has directly or indirectly promoted the cultural communications accomplishment of the whole world.



Learn from the Past ~ Live in the Present ~ Look to the Future

The Young Global Leadership Foundation, Inc. (YGLF) guides aspiring young adult leaders from around the world to become global citizens and democratic leaders. Officially founded in 2012, YGLF guides and provides opportunities to embrace and expand their global visions and goals through their educational, professional and civic engagement choices towards a peaceful, prosperous and positive global society in the 21st Century. YGLF adheres to and advocates the spirit and essence of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

【Agenda 2030】

The 17 SDGs address the advancement of: People ~ Planet ~ Peace ~ Prosperity ~ Partnership.
The United Nations: Major Roles and Responsibilities
UN NGO ECOSOC Special Consultative Status (2018-present)
Conference on the Non-governmental Organization (CoNGO): Member
NGO Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) Committee: Member (2017-present)
NGO CSW Planning Committee: Sub-committee Co-chairs
NGO Committee on Education Learning and Literacy (CELL) Vice Chair 2019 – present
United Nations Academic Impact: Member 2016-present)

Long-term YGLF Programs

YGLF Internship Program/ New York and Vienna: To provide exceptional UN experience
Young Leaders to Young Leaders Program: Peers collaborating with Peers and the SDGs
Inter-generational Advisory Council
Inter-generational Mentoring Program: Educational/Professional/Civic Engagement Guidance
YGLF SDG High School Clubs: To advocate and activate SDG initiatives
Salon Sessions: UN, the SDGs and Leadership


ISSUED UNIT: China-US Leadership Development Foundation (CULDF)

Becoming a New Powerhouse in China-US Cooperation
Developing Global Leadership
Cultivating Entrepreneurship among New Generations
Empowering Youth Leaders with Future New Power

The China-US Leadership Development Foundation (CULDF) is a not-for-profit organization registered in the United States in July 2016. CULDF’s funding comes from a variety of sources including funds and donations from institutions, corporate groups, and social organizations.

CULDF leverages its vast resources in China’s entrepreneurial, media, government sectors and its longstanding partnerships, as well as a network of professionals led by CULDF’s founding partner Dr. Hong LI, to fulfill its mission in developing Sino-US relations. CULDF dedicates itself to achieving the following goals: promoting bilateral relationship that is fair and mutually beneficial; strengthening ties in investment and cooperation; creating exchange opportunities for business leaders, young professionals and 2nd generation entrepreneurs; facilitating educational exchanges for youth; promoting Chinese brands in the international arena; deepening relations in new media and among advisory boards.

CULDF also supports individuals, organizations and institutions that serve to promote Sino-US relations with its resources, platform and professional services.


CULDF is dedicated to bridging the gap between China and United States and deepening political, economical, commercial, educational and cultural ties. Aided by CULDF’s highly effective resource allocation and benchmarking mechanism, it serves as a key facilitator of Sino-US relations by promoting valuable, meaningful and impactful programs, resource exchanges, global leadership development and executive summits. In addition, the Foundation takes special interest in helping 2nd and 3rd generation leaders reach their potentials.


To become the global standard bearer of reliability, effectiveness and efficiency for NGOs in Sino-US cooperation

Culture DNA

Global value creation, exportation of culture and ideas, creativity, internationalization


Excellence, win-win partnership, empathy, inclusiveness

l. Candidate Selection Criteria

This special annual award is individually based. The candidate is required to satisfy more than THREE of the following criteria to be eligible for application and evaluation for this award:

a. Candidates have contributed outstanding achievements highly recognized within their fields of expertise.
b. Candidates and their accomplishments have created widely recognized values in society with far-reaching significance.
c. Candidates’ innovativeness promote and elevate STEAM EDUCATION: Science, Technology, Environment, Arts and Mathematics.
d. Candidates’ contributions benefit the public and broaden social welfare.
e. Candidates’ initiatives diversify and deepen their values through collaborating and connecting their contributions to other fields.
f. Candidates serve as peaceful, prosperous and positive role models to advance social development in their communities, countries and globally.
g. Age range: 18-45 years old.

II. Award Evaluation Committee

The global evaluation committee has been jointly created by YGLF and CULDF, as the executive group for candidate review and selection. The committee members are comprised of exemplary professional and ethical leaders in diversified fields of expertise. They represent both the public and private sectors from across the spectrum of society, worldwide.

III. Committee Member Profiles  [more]