2017-2018 Programs

Harvard Youth Leadership Program

At the center of the program is the concept of Whole Child Education. We seek to develop a child’s independence through a rigorous training program. A participant will learn to survive without financial support or modern technology. This program allows teens to earn their allowance through community work and prepares them for future careers.

In this program, we pay special attention to each individual, allowing them to explore their talents and build their leadership skills. Our leadership training prepares today’s youth for tomorrow’s challenges in work, study, and life.
Our goals are to improve students’ creativity and analytical skills through our customized program, and to give them the right tools to pursue their own interests and achieve their goals.


Science and Technology as Instigator of Change

Science and Technology powers today’s economic and social development, transforming a country in ways that we cannot imagine. As a result, it is essential to put innovation back into our education system, so as to encourage youths to engage in the fields of Science & Technology and discover their talents. Innovation is gradually becoming the lifeline of the country, and education will provide a solid foundation to accelerate this change.


2018 Creative Boot Camp for Engineering Students
  • This program aims to help engineering students express their ideas freely in the English language, understand1078920596-300x169 cultural differences and learn American values through language immersion.
  • The program features visits to a number of high ranking US educational institutions, including Stanford University, UC Berkeley, California Institute of Technology and University of Southern California.
  • The program’s goal is to encourage creativity and nurture participants’ engineering mindset. To achieve this, students will partake in innovative technology contests, as well as attending major innovative technology exhibitions and seminars by Stanford University professors, and visiting the headquarters Facebook, Google and Amazon. This program helps students put theory into practice and nurtures innovative minds through exposure to international best practice.

CULDF’s next US Boot Camp will take place between January and February 2018.


2018 Tertiary Education Roadmap
  1. CULDF will engage a delegation of chancellors, professors, senior lectures and outstanding student representatives to attend the One Belt, One Road California-China Business Summit.


  • The delegation will visit top ranking US institutions, including but not limited to Stanford University, UC Berkeley, California Institute of Technology, University of Southern California and UCLA.
  • The delegation will attend forums and seminars featuring academic discussions, case studies and innovative education topics.
  • The delegation will also visit Silicon Valley and tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Apple.
  1. CULDF will again feature customized summer school programs for students at the Beijing Institute of Technology and surrounding institutions. This year, the study tour will be split into an east coast section featuring New York and Boston, and a west coast section in California. Each study group will have no fewer than 30 participants, who will be asked to complete a project or assignment at the end of the trip.


Power of Charityad4583e8123c33b7f49e3d984b56f64a-300x200

We can gain special insights into a country, its people and its culture through what is known as the third sector. There are significant beneficial social impacts in developing charity and philanthropy, including improving social cohesion and enhancing the country’s image. It will also inspire empathy among the country’s youth, and will further contribute to building a harmonious society.

Our youth will be the future ambassadors of China and will bear the responsibility of making our world a better place. To this end, we want our country’s youth to receive an education that promotes kindness and empathy; that encourages charitable actions in everyday life; and that contributes to China’s philanthropic development.