China New Media International Center (CNMIC) is a nonprofit organization founded by CULDF’s Secretary-General and Principal of the Global Leaders program, Dr. Hong LI. CNMIC was registered in Hong Kong and commenced operations on 1st July 2016.

CNMIC aims to shape the future through the power of new media and through engaging key opinion leaders in the media industry. Its goal is to create an international new media platform to facilitate strategic development, information sharing and the exchange of ideas.

CNMIC’s strength lies in its ability to identify industry leaders, leverage their insights, and disseminate information through effective, smooth and efficient communication. In addition, CNMIC will facilitate interpersonal communications through high quality global exchange programs to help leaders from across the Pacific deepen understanding and strengthen ties. It is CNMIC’s mission to become an iconic source of new media and global soft power in the 21st Century.

CNMIC Mission statement

To gather like-minded media leaders, and to create an international new media platform that facilitates strategic development, encourages optimism and the exchange of ideas and information.

CNMIC’s goal

To effectively and efficiently share information via new media; to deepen understanding and eliminate prejudice through enhanced global cooperation; to enlighten and spread the truth. To transfer and share future information and important information in a timely, effective and efficient manner, removing prejudices and promoting understanding between countries through international cooperation projects.

CNMIC’s vision

To be the platform for global new media exchanges and the symbol for soft power strategies

CNMIC’s characteristics

New media value creation, globalization, independence, insight, and volunteering


Openness, exchange, drive, community of idealists