The China-US Leadership Development Foundation (CULDF) is a not-for-profit organization registered in the United States in July 2016. CULDF’s funding comes from a variety of sources including funds and donations from institutions, corporate groups, and social organizations.

CULDF leverages its vast resources in China’s entrepreneurial, media, government sectors and its longstanding partnerships, as well as a network of professionals led by CULDF’s founding partner Dr. Hong LI, to fulfill its mission in developing Sino-US relations. CULDF dedicates itself to achieving the following goals: promoting bilateral relationship that is fair and mutually beneficial; strengthening ties in investment and cooperation; creating exchange opportunities for business leaders, young professionals and 2nd generation entrepreneurs; facilitating educational exchanges for youth; promoting Chinese brands in the international arena; deepening relations in new media and among advisory boards.

CULDF also supports individuals, organizations and institutions that serve to promote Sino-US relations with its resources, platform and professional services.


CULDF is dedicated to bridging the gap between China and United States and deepening political, economical, commercial, educational and cultural ties. Aided by CULDF’s highly effective resource allocation and benchmarking mechanism, it serves as a key facilitator of Sino-US relations by promoting valuable, meaningful and impactful programs, resource exchanges, global leadership development and executive summits. In addition, the Foundation takes special interest in helping 2nd and 3rd generation leaders reach their potentials.


To become the global standard bearer of reliability, effectiveness and efficiency for NGOs in Sino-US cooperation

Culture DNA

Global value creation, exportation of culture and ideas, creativity, internationalization


Excellence, win-win partnership, empathy, inclusiveness