China US Leaders Exchange

Business Leaders Exchange

CULDF’s co-founder Dr. Li Hong’s decade-long experience engaging world business leaders has given her special insight into the entrepreneurial and corporate world. She has seen a rising demand in areas such as international financing and investment, cross-border M&A, creative businesses, IT and corporate management restructuring. As such, CULDF has tapped into its resources in the business sector, to provide high-end exchange programs and study tours tailored to the needs of Chinese and US business leaders.

China-US Future Business Leaders Exchange

With the goal of developing youth entrepreneurship in mind, CULDF has developed the Future Business Leaders initiative to prepare young talents for success in every walk of life. CULDF is targeting new entrepreneurs who rose to success riding the latest wave of digital revolution, as well as 2nd generation entrepreneurs inheriting their family business.

CULDF is concerned chiefly with the discovery, development and analysis of youth leaders in both China and the US. Through schemes such as youth leader exchanges and international peer advisory groups, CULDF aims to strengthen cooperation between Chinese and American youth leaders, contributing to the establishment of a new world rich in globalization, integration, international harmony, health and safety, and sustainable development.

China-US Youth Exchange Program

Today’s teenagers are tomorrow’s leaders and captains of industry. CULDF pays special attention to the selection and cultivation of youth leaders. Through O2O selection, in-depth and customized international exchange activities, the CULDF Youth Exchange Program helps to establish real friendship and understanding between all participants. Furthermore, outstanding youth leaders will be exempt from paying participation fees. CULDF is currently developing a project to select a “world language ambassador”, partnering with UNESCO and Talkmate. AsiaUS Business Connection is CULDF’s partner in charge of project management and execution in the US. Participation and funding of enterprises, institutions and individuals are warmly welcomed.