CULDF show on Time Square


CULDF Featured in Times Square

 —– CULDF TeamMake Their Presence Known in Times Square

PEOPLE’S DAILY INTERNATIONAL – Chinese new generation of female leaders are making their presence felt by appearing on the NASDAQ Market Site in Times Square on 27 February 2017.

The faces of these seven women in leadership left a long-lasting impression on New Yorkers. The recurring footage of the female leader sat the China-US Leadership Development Foundation (CULDF) lasted 22 hours over three days. Each appearance was a resounding affirmation of the incredible achievement of a new generation of Chinese women and the mission of CULDF.


(Caption: the recurring footage of CULDF lasted 22 hours over three days)

CULDF secretary-general Dr. Hong LI noted that the goal of making such a high-profile appearance is to draw attention to issues such as educating future business leaders, entrepreneurship, and Sino-US youth exchange.

Dr. Hong LI  served as partner at Zhisland and executive editor of the Chinese Entrepreneurship series. However, her true passion lies in promoting China-US cooperation and creating the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The other women in attendance also have impressive resumes: Ran HUO graduated from Fudan University and Shanghai Jiaotong University; Peirui MAO had been crowned Ms. Shanghai; and Tingting ZHAO has been a driving force behind China-France relations.


(Caption: Team member Peirui MAO poses in front of NASDAQ Market Site)

This women-only group also drew support from renowned figures including investment banker Mr. Erfei LIU, China’s fashion leader Mr. Jun JIN (aka Shouma), founder of China Heritage Club Ms. Ting CHEN, and vice chairwoman of the Chinese American Association Ms. Linda HE.

Dr. Hong LI explained that CULDF’s main focus lies in its Future Business Leaders programs, nurturing youth leadership and entrepreneurship, and private advisory boards.

“In 2017, we successfully launched several programs including ‘Sino-US 2nd Generation Entrepreneurs Exchange’, ‘Sino-US Future Business Leaders Exchange’ and the ‘Insight Peer Advisory Board’”,she noted.

Times Square is known as the crossroads of the world, and has daily foot traffic of over 500,000 people. Showing the faces of these powerful women in leadership will no doubt raise the profile of CULDF and its mission to create better engagement between China and the US.


(Caption: Prominent Chinese Women in Chinese Red)


(Caption: Chinese Red takes over Times Square)

CULDF makes second appearance in Times Square

China-US Leadership Development Foundation (CULDF) made yet another three-day appearance on the NASDAQ Market Site in Times Square, New York on 5 November 2017, following its debut on 27 February earlier in the year. CULDF ran a five-second long promotional footage every hour from 6:34:40am to 2:34:40am EST over the three day period between 5th and 7th of November, totaling 63 hours.

The CULDF footage aims to send a positive message to our friends on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, dovetailing with US President Donald J. Trump’s state visit to China.

CULDF would like to thank Mr. Qiang GAO, President of One TV, and Lutu Media for their support of this project.