CULDF 2018 Footprint

2018 New Departure3-300x169

Ms. Li Hong, the founder of CULDF, went to the United States to lay out the CULDF business from January 30 to February 13, 2018, laying the groundwork for the exchange of visits between young Chinese and American leaders. This trip has gone through Silicon Valley, Berkeley, Los Angeles and New York, and has realized the listing of CULDF Foundation in Silicon Valley, the negotiation of project cooperation with the founders of chambers of commerce, and the alliance mechanism with the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce. [more]


2018 Block Chain Innovation Summit1-300x179

Ms. Li Hong was invited by the Organizing Committee of the Congress to attend the “Block Chain Innovation Summit 2018” held in Shenzhen on March 25, 2018, as an old media person who has been in CCTV for five years, Zhisland for four years and founded the “China New Media International Exchange Center”. She gave awards to the seven media units that won the most valuable media award of the 2018 block chain. [more]



2018 Insight Peer advisory Board Visits Japan

CULDF-sponsored Insight Peer Advisory Board Session II – CULDF Delegation visited Japan (Date: 9-12 April 2018; Venue: Japan) [more]





The Only Private Opening of the Nobel Peace Prize Presentation Hall

Dr. Li Hong, the founder of CULDF, was awarded as the “Top 30 Influential Asian Female CEO” at the Nobel peace prize presentation hall on May 15, 2018.