Potential Chinese Youth Leaders

With the goal of developing youth entrepreneurship in mind, CULDF has developed the Future Business Leaders initiative to prepare young talents for success in every walk of life. CULDF is targeting new entrepreneurs who rose to success riding the latest wave of digital revolution, as well as 2nd generation entrepreneurs inheriting their family business.

CULDF is concerned chiefly with the discovery, development and analysis of youth leaders in both China and the US. Through schemes such as youth leader exchanges and international peer advisory groups, CULDF aims to strengthen cooperation between Chinese and American youth leaders, contributing to the establishment of a new world rich in globalization, integration, international harmony, health and safety, and sustainable development.


Ai Cheng

(Gloria)is founder of iAsk Media Studio, a multimedia studio producing “iAsk” China’s creative business talk shows series which give any Chinese viewer the opportunity to converse with prominent politicians.[more]

Liu Qing

(born 1978 in Beijing) or Jean Liu, is a Chinese business executive. Jean is the President of Didi Chuxing, China’s largest comprehensive one-stop mobile transportation platform. She worked at Goldman Sachs Asia for 12 years.[more]

Cheng Wei

(born 1983) or Will Cheng, is a Chinese business executive. Will is the Founder and CEO of Didi Chuxing, China’s largest comprehensive one-stop mobile transportation platform.[more]

Kelly Zong

(born 1982.01.15) is a Chinese businesswoman. She is the only daughter of Wahaha Company Founder Zong Qinghou. Zong is the purchasing manager.[more]