About the Program



The China-US Youth Education Exchange Program is an integral part of the China-US Leaders’ Exchange Program. The program emphasizes leadership, creativity, innovation, teamwork and empathy, putting it in a unique position to help Chinese and American youths understand each other’s values and culture.


  1. Whole Child Education – developing a child’s independence through a rigorous training program. Participants will learn to survive without financial support or modern technology. This program allows teens to earn their allowance through community work and prepares them for future careers.
  2. Discovering talents and interests – the program focuses on leadership development and its relationship with philanthropy.
  3. Introducing Chinese teens to American values and lifestyle, as well as the concept of corporate philanthropy.
  4. Providing a platform for Chinese teens to connect with peers, visit Fortune 500 companies and charity groups. The goal is to broaden their horizon and deepen their understanding of philanthropy, and lay solid foundations for China’s Corporate Social Responsibility development.



Social responsibility – to develop one’s awareness of social issues and public affairs; to endorse a self-regulatory mechanism whereby one acts in compliance with the spirit of the law and ethical standards; to promote kindness and patriotism.

Charity for All – to explore all possibilities of being charitable to others and starting from seemingly trivial matters; to promote the idea that philanthropy is not just a responsibility of the wealthy.

Leadership and self-improvement – to discover one’s own abilities through creative thinking; to provide others with options; to achieve social cohesion and development in the interest of everyone.

Dedication – to pursue one’s goal with passion; to commit to realizing one’s potential; to achieve spiritual wellness.



This program provides Chinese teens with a unique opportunity to experience American education, practice their English and establish long-lasting friendships. From this experience, participants will have a deeper understanding of American culture, philanthropy and make meaningful memories.


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