CULDF 2017 Footprint

【Insight Peer Advisory Board】

The Insight Peer Advisory Board was initiated by Dr. Hong LI, founding partner of the China-US Leadership Development Foundation (CULDF), alongside Mr. Qiang WU, chairman of world-leading Peer Advisory Board (PAB), Vistage China. The name Insight is a testament to the organization’s ability to observe, influence and affect change. The Insight Peer Advisory Board has ten standing members, all of whom are outstanding young entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries. The Board hosts ten regular members’ meetings each year. These meetings stood out for their special focus on matters such as venue selection and participants’ experience, case analysis, personal growth and development. In 2018, the Peer Advisory Board will feature at least two customized sessions for members. For further information on past meetings from March 2017 onwards, please click [more].

In H1 2017, Insight Peer Advisory Board organized a CS paintball competition, with the aim of enhancing participants’ leadership skills, cooperation, decision-making and ability to perform under pressure. Read more here:[more]

The Insight Peer Advisory Board also led a group visit to Silicon Valley and New York between 10 and 16 November 2017. Read more here:[more]



 【China-US Future Business Leaders Program】

CULDF has agreed to chair the ‘China-US Future Business Leaders Round table’ at the 2018 One Belt, One Road California-China Business Summit, as per an understanding with Summit chairman Mr. Peter Shiao. Any businesses or organizations with an interest in Sino-US relations are welcome to get in touch with CULDF. [more]


On 10 November 2017, CULDF led a group of young Chinese entrepreneurs on a week long visit to the US, where they engaged with business leaders, financial experts and Wall Street gurus in New York and Silicon Valley. As organizers, CULDF developed and secured working relationships with its US partners. This trip also served as an opening chapter to the 2017 Future Business Leaders Exchange program. Read more here:

【Insight PAB in US I】Jiawei ZHANG: You are the Future  [more]

【Insight PAB in US II】All about Trust  [more]

【Insight PAB in US III】The more you read, the more you know  [more]

【Insight PAB in US IV】The Trip Climax  [more]



【Sino-US Youth Program】

Today’s teenagers are tomorrow’s leaders and captains of industry. CULDF pays special attention to the selection and cultivation of youth leaders. Through online to offline (O2O) selection, in-depth and customized international exchange activities, the CULDF Youth Exchange Program helps to establish real friendship and understanding between all participants. Furthermore, outstanding youth leaders will be exempt from paying participation fees.

CULDF is currently developing a project to select a “world language ambassador”, partnering with UNESCO and Talkmate. AsiaUS Business Connection is CULDF’s partner in charge of project management and execution in the US. Participation and funding of enterprises, institutions and individuals are warmly welcomed.

CULDF’s next US Boot Camp will take place between January and February 2018.


【Checking in with CULDF Founder】

2017 World Angel Investor Conference – Women In Leadership Roundtable

Dr. Hong LI, founding partner of CULDF ( took part in the 2017 World Angel Investor Conference in Beijing on 7 July, alongside over 300 local investors and KOLs, and over 700 industry leaders and entrepreneurs. Dr. Hong LI has been a prominent figure in the field and shared her insights with other guests at the ‘Angel Investment Trend – Training, Impact Investing and Women in Leadership’ round table.  [more]


2017 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo –Entrepreneurs Summit

CULDF founding partner and secretary general Dr. Hong LI hosted the Entrepreneurs’ Summit at the 2017 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo on 21 Jul 2017. The summit was organized by Xinhua, and managed by the Ulanqab People’s Government and Xinhua subsidiary in Inner Mongolia. It was supported by the CEO Book Club, HLXK Culture & Media Co. Ltd., and CULDF.  [more]


Inaugural Beiqing Think Tanks Business School Women In Business Forum

CULDF founding partner and executive chairperson Dr. Hong LI gave a 30 minute speech at the inaugural Beiqing Think Tanks Business School Women In Business Forum, which took place on 9 September at Peking University. Her rags-to-riches story served as an inspiration to those in attendance, which included renowned Chinese writer Qin SU, CCTV-7 host Chenxi YANG, Qiming Venture Capital partner Jia YU, China MBA/EMBA Alumni Association chairman Yanyang YANG, and psychiatrist Xiangsheng XIN.  [more]