2018 China-US Youth Leadership Summit Featured on NASDAQ Screen during the Chinese National Day Break

2018 China-US Youth Leadership Summit

Rolling Broadcasted on NASDAQ Screen on October 2-3, 2018


Over the Chinese National Day break, October 2-3, 2018, China-US Leadership Development Foundation (“CULDF”) [2018 China-US Youth Leadership Summit] was featured and rolling broadcasted on the giant Nasdaq screen at Times Square in New York City. So far, this has been the fourth time the China-US Leadership Development Foundation is featured on the Nasdaq screen.

The broadcasted guest lineup is strong: in addition to the [China-US Youth Leadership Summit] initiator and the founding partner Ms. Hong LI, it is also joined by the following partners: Ms. Hong LEI, co-organizer of [China-US Youth Leadership Summit] and founder of Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, Dr. Jin SHANG, Dean of China Information Industry Development Research Institute, Mr. Peng TANG, founder and CEO of Beijing Quantum InsurTech, Ms. Cynthia, Chairman of Great New York Chamber of Commerce (GNYCC) & Chairman of CULDF New York, Mr. jun JIN, Founding Director of CULDF, and Mr. Sichen HUANG, a famous Chinese young entrepreneur and investor, Miss Lu ZHANG, a well-known young investor in Silicon Valley and “Forbes 30 under 30” keynote speaker, and other “Forbes 30 under 30” award winners…


The partner companies presented on the Nasdaq screen include: the strategic partner of CULDF & founder of Beijing Quantum InsurTech, the summit co-organizer “We Education”, and the customized apparel provider for the presentation “Master Tailors”; due to limited space, there are many partners not presented on screen media, such as Elite Talk, Finance Media, Global China Television, Silicon Valley Secret Explorer, and the OWL Communication Academy, the designated CULDF speech coach, our friend Mr. Kai KANG who helped take pictures and document CULDF’s presentation on the Nasdaq scene in New York Times Square, etc. Thank you very much for all your help!

CULDF is especially grateful for the long-term support from Mr. Qiang GAO and Lutu Media! Thank you to Ms. Mei HE, the founder of Wailian Group, for her continuous support and input! Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported CULDF!


China-US Leadership Development Foundation www.culdf.org
Fourth time featured on the Nasdaq screen in NYC


[The Core of China-US Leadership Development Foundation]

– Becoming a New Powerhouse in China-US cooperation

– Developing Global leadership

– Cultivating Entrepreneurship among New Generations

– Empowering Youth leaders with Private Advisory Boards


2018 Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum
China-US Youth Leaders Summit


Highlights & Takeaways
29 September 2018
• Welcome speech by Ms. Meixin ZHAO, Member of the US Congress

• Keynote Speech by Mr. Gary A. Bolles, Chairman of Future Work, Singularity University

• Keynote speech by Miss Lu ZHANG, “2017 Forbes 30 Under 30” award winner

• English panel discussion among “Forbes 30 Under 30” leaders

• Chinese panel discussion on “Development of Leadership in Innovation” among five outstanding industry representatives


September 29, 2018, 14:30-16:30, the China-US Youth Leadership Summit, hosted by China-US Leadership Development Foundation (CULDF) www.culdf.org, went smoothly after the opening ceremony of the 2018 Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum. This was the first time that CULDF co-organized an independent summit with Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum. The source is cited by CULDF founder and executive director Li Hong. CULDF will continue to hold a series of [China-US Youth Leaders Summit] annual forums in cities such as LA, New York, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Qingdao ect.

Keynote Speech by Gary A. Bolles, Chairman of Future Work, Singularity University


The guests of the summit were quite famous: Ms. Meixin ZHAO, a member of the US Congress, delivered an opening speech; Mr. Gary A. Bolles, Chairman of Future Work, Singular University, and Ms. Lu ZHANG, a famous “30 Forbes 30 Under 30” young investor in Silicon Valley both delivered keynote speeches; “Forbes 30 under 30” industry leaders had an insightful panel discussion. Ms. Li HONG, founder and executive director of CULDF, delivered a speech as the representative of the summit organizers. Dr. Jin SHANG, Dean of the China Information Industry Development Research Institute from the Chinese delegation, and Mr. Tao LIANG, the vice president of the Small and Medium Enterprises Association, were the special guests discussing “Development of Leadership in Innovation”. Tencent News host Lu KANG and Ms. Mingyue XU, a senior journalist from “Sing Tao Daily”  US West, hosted the panels in Chinese and English.



Conference Process



Speech by Hong LI, Founder and Executive Director of CULDF





Panel 1

Panel Discussion Among “Forbes 30 under 30” Leaders & Investors


The three young people talked about how they were awarded “Forbes 30 under 30”, what changes and contributions they bring to society and industry, and their philosophical reflections on career, cooperation and life.



Moderator: Mingyue XU, Senior Reporter, “Sing Tao Daily” US West
• Khizer Hayat, CIO, I-50
• Mark Pavlyukovskyy, CEO and co-founder, Piper Inc.
• Lu ZHANG, founding partner, Fusion Fund


Panel 2

Development of Leadership in Innovation
Five industry distinguished representatives shared their findings and perceptions of their industry and the“Leadership in Innovation”; shared their vision and understanding of “Leadership in Innovation”; also shared the takeaways of this [China-US Youth Leadership Summit].


[Panel II: Development of Leadership in Innovation]


Moderator: Lu KANG, host, Tencent News
• Hong LI, founding partner, executive director, CULDF

• Jin SHANG, Dean, China Information Industry Development Institute

• Wei LU, President, CDP Group

• Tao LIANG, Vice President, SME Association

• Ariel LIU, United States COO, Himalaya