About the Program

Business Leaders of Tomorrow Initiative

The Business Leaders of Tomorrow Initiative is a new program currently being developed by CULDF to create opportunities for youths from across the Pacific Ocean to come together and discuss future prospects. In 2018, CULDF aims to appoint a Secretary-General for the program and develop partnerships globally.

【One Belt, One Road California-China Business Summit – China-US Future Business Leaders Round table

CULDF has agreed to chair the ‘China-US Future Business Leaders Round table’ at the 2018 One Belt, One Road California-China Business Summit, as per an understanding with Summit chairman Mr. Peter Shiao. CULDF will serve as chief organizer for the event, and its founding partner Dr. Hong LI will act as the Summit’s China secretary-general, setting up operations for the Summit’s ‘China Week’ program.

Any businesses or organizations with an interest in Sino-US relations are welcome to get in touch with CULDF.  [More]



CULDF Youth Delegation US Visit

On 10 November 2017, CULDF led a group of young Chinese entrepreneurs on a week long visit to the US, where they engaged with business leaders, financial experts and Wall Street gurus in New York and Silicon Valley. As organizers, CULDF developed and secured working relationships with its US partners. This trip also served as an opening chapter to the 2017 Future Business Leaders Exchange program. Read more here:  [More]

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