Introducing Chinese Brands to the World


CULDF implemented this program with the goal of introducing Chinese brands, both new and established, to the rest of the world. By leveraging CULDF’s existing channels, partners and resources, this program serves to acquaint international customers with China and its products and services.

Participating enterprises will have the following privileges: representatives will receive exclusive invites to dinner banquets hosted by the United Nations and be introduced to representatives of UN countries; corporate advertisements will be displayed on the NASDAQ screen in Times Square; a dedicated filming crew from China’s state television network will document the representatives and air exclusive interviews and features broadcast on popular programs; as well as mainstream media reports.


CULDF 2018 Outlook

CULDF has started to map out the 2018 initiatives in H2 2016 by establishing a number of tentative agreements with organizers, partners and third parties. In 2018, our priorities continue to be providing customized and high value services to entrepreneurs and business leaders. These services shall reflect our core values of excellence, inclusiveness and win-win partnership, as well as continuing our tradition of placing user experience at the heart of our operations. We hope more companies will benefit from our ‘Introducing Chinese Brands to the World’ program and receive international recognition.


A Review of Our Programs


Announcement from China and Chinese Brands, 2010

The Announcement from China and Chinese Brands Initiative is organized by the Information Office of China’s State Council, the Chinese Foreign Language Publishing Administration and to promote and enhance the global profile of Chinese brands. It drew the support of over 1000 Chinese enterprises with an annual output value of 100 million Yuan, who made a joint announcement to more than 100 domestic and foreign media outlets. This announcement dovetails with another government-led promotion of Chinese brands, following the Ministry of Commerce’s promotional ‘Made in China’ series.

Chinese brands entering the US market

Chinese brands have experienced rapid growth and development in recent years, and the number of Chinese companies listing on overseas stock exchanges and planning for overseas expansion is at an all-time high. This trend is expected to continue in future years and CULDF is here to help introduce Chinese brands to the world.

Trade Relations Improved between China and US

Since the renegotiation of China-US trade deals in 2013, there has been a significant growth in investment and interest from both countries. A number of US state governments have set up operations to attract Chinese investors, and more Chinese companies are investigating the possibility of entering the US market through either mergers or acquisitions.

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