Dr. Maureen L. Mackenzie-Ruppel

Dr. Maureen L. Mackenzie-Ruppel, PHR, Ph.D
Inter-generational Council Member, Young Global Leadership Foundation (YGLF.org)
Professor of Business
Former Founding Dean, School of Business at Molloy College
Board Member, Northeast Business and Economics Association (NBEA.us)

Maureen’s twenty year + corporate management career and experience, partners extremely well with her eighteen years of academic experience as a Full Professor of Business, Management, and Leadership. Maureen served as the President of the Northeast Business & Economics Association. She has served as a member of its Board of Directors for fifteen years +. She was recently elevated to a level of honor as an Executive Director. Her role as an Academic Dean allowed her to use her knowledge, skills, and her disposition toward social good, to create meaningful and transformative student experiences. Her development of the Capstone Consulting experience for the MBA and B.S. programs caused a meaningful shift in how students see their role as business professionals and their responsibility to society. Maureen also led a full transition, both technically and culturally, toward online education. Maureen’s publications cover areas such as Ethics, Leadership, HR Management, Workplace Trust, Business Graduate Education, Undergraduate General Education, Entrepreneurship, Managers′ Information-seeking Behaviors, and Change Management. She has demonstrated ability to lead process improvement initiatives; particular expertise is revealed in training and developing people and organizations to reach full potential. She demonstrates advanced communication and human relations skills and problem solving abilities. She was honored Twice as a member of the “50 Most Influential Women in Business,” by the Long Island Business News.

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